Huge Thanks to everyone that minted, minting is now closed...

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LONG AGO in a distant land, Emperor Ekapo fell ill and had reached the end of his life. Although small in stature, the empire he had built spanned galaxies - the only thing that superseded his wealth was his greed. In one last desperate attempt at immortality, the Emperor decided his protection in the afterlife was paramount, and thus he set forth to immortalise his vast army. Stone masons and potters were assembled and the painstaking process of preservation began. Each helmet had to be exact to the soldier to ensure a clean passing to the next life and thus guarantee protection of their overlord.

Fast forward 10,000 years and in a dramatic turn of events, a lowly graffiti artist’s fate was about to change. Down in the overflow tunnels under the great sprawling mess of a city that he resided, trying to find a fresh unpainted surface to scrawl his name, he stumbled upon a discovery that would alter his life forever. Deep in the grime lay a helmet and over the course of the next year he excavated hundreds more. Only now have they been presented to the world in this collection....welcome to the Terracotta Warriors.

Terracotta Warriors NFT Collection

Terracotta Warriors
Terracotta Warriors
Terracotta Warriors
Terracotta Warriors
Terracotta Warriors
Terracotta Warriors
Terracotta Warriors


Helmets Backgrounds Light Beams Hidden #1 Hidden #2


Opake is a graffiti artist from London. Opake has been a practicing graffiti artist since the age of 13, experimenting with all elements of subculture from tagging to super large scale murals. Over time, he has developed a distinct painting technique and combines both illustrative images with elements of graffiti to create a new and exciting body of work.

He takes the cartoons of his childhood and puts the through a graffiti filter, transforming pop icons into something you've never seen before.


Terracotta Warriors Minting Roadmap


Giveaway 5 Terracotta Warrior NFT’s to the Discord Community.

+2 Stormtrooper Sculpture Giveaways {$2000 each}


Custom Terracotta Warriors NFT’s for 5 Lucky Winners.

+2 Stormtrooper Sculpture Giveaways ($2000 each)


15 Custom Framed and Printed Terracotta Warrior Helmets (retail value $2,500 each).

+2 Stormtrooper Sculpture Giveaways ($2000 each)


5 Hand Painted Terracotta Warrior Helmet Sculptures of which only 5 will ever be made (retail price of $4,500 each).

+4 Stormtrooper Sculpture Giveaways ($2000 each)


arrow arrow How / where can i mint a Terracotta Warrior?

They will be available to mint through our website

To mint a Terracotta Warrior you will need to set up a Metamask wallet and deposit Ethereum into your wallet click here for help to set up your wallet

arrow arrow How many Terracotta Warriors will there be?

The total amount will be linked to the amount of unique Feel Good NFT holders, plus a few extra for marketing purposes.

At the time of writing, there are 888 unique Feel Good holders. You can check the current total here

arrow arrow Which blockchain will they be launched on?
Ethereum, as ERC-721 tokens.
arrow arrow How much will it cost to mint?
Price is 0.08eth for presale and 0.09eth for public sale.
arrow arrow Which secondary marketplace will they trade on?
After minting, the entire collection will be available to trade on OpenSea.
arrow arrow Are there any giveaways?
Yes, we are doing regular giveaways in our Discord channel
arrow arrow Are any being held back for marketing, the team, advisors etc?
Yes, 30 are being reserved by the team - most of which will be used for giveaways for the community.
arrow arrow Can I print my Terracotta Warrior and hang it on the wall?
Yes you can. You’ll receive full access to the high-resolution file of the NFT(s) you own from our collection.
arrow arrow Will the price be fixed or on a bonding curve?
The price will remain fixed.
arrow arrow When will the Terracotta Warriors’ launch?
We are targeting a release date in the third week of November. The final date will be announced soon with at least 7 days notice.
arrow arrow Where can I view the smart contract?
Once published, we will post a link to the smart contract here.
arrow arrow Is there a whitelist?

Yes, the only way to get on the whitelist for the Terracotta Warriors is to own a Feel Good NFT and hold it at the time of the snapshot. They can be minted here or you can buy one on the secondary market OpenSea.

The date and time of the snapshot will be announced in advance. The best place to stay up to date with the latest information is in our Discord server.

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